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the Walls we build don't keep people out

they fence us in

8 January 1984
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Who am I? I was an architecture student at the University of Edinburgh and well, i want to believe i don't suck (at architecture and at other stuff). I am from New England, Massachusetts specifically. 24, searching for... something in my otherwise dull life. I enjoy movies (movie snob!), reading fantasy novels, cooking all kinds of food, working out, running running running, faffing about... This is kinda sounding like a sad personal ad, so I'm just gonna stop now.

I love my friends, they are my support system in Scotland. Without them I would not be who I am now.

I'm all about loving my life, and trying to be happy with myself. Over the last 2 years I have changed my life through various activities, love to run in road races, any races and challenge my limits.

I sometimes don't know myself....

My Weight Chart:
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I have decided that I want to help people feel good about themselves.... by becoming a nutritionist/ dietician type in my spare time (ha). that means more study. I might continue with architecture, not loving the job at the moment. yuck!